Best Original Score 2019 for "System Crasher" at the European Film Awards
    The jury states: "The music in SYSTEM CRASHER is modern, virtuosic, impulsive and surprising. John Gürtler has transformed the unspeakable into music. Where words are no longer possible, his film music manages to function as a non-verbal language, reflecting the inside of the protagonist and carrying the viewer along with it".

    Best Original Score and Sound Design for "System Crasher" - Filmkunst MV 2019
    1st Talent Award at DOK.fest Munich 2016 for the project "STRAY DOGS"
    German Film Music Award 2014
    Best Song in a Film für "What Love Is" (Above and Below)
    The jury states: "The nominated song appears at the end of the film, as an epilogue of sorts. It has everything you might look for in this category, "Best song in a film soundtrack": Its tone, its vibe hits us right where the film left us off; it sounds wonderful and it's very well produced, without ever losing its edginess. It has all the qualities of a catchy tune, enrichening the film and blowing a breath of fresh air into it."

    "German Documentary Music Award" 2015 for "Above and Below"
    The jury states: "The film music by John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges is striking in its complexity and dramatic potency. The musical element develops the emotional strength that arises from the narrative and creates discrete dramatic structures that don’t just support the narrative but produce their own narration. In its own way, the work plays on American musical traditions and breathes new life into them. It is versatile, innovative and modern and impressively produced without being ostentatious ."

    "Gema Young Talent Award" 2014 for Jan Miserre
    Instant Composing Competition Jan Miserre


    Best Original Score at the German Film Awards 2020
    Best Song in A Film: "Would You Want To Know" in Above&Below
    (German Film Music Awards 2015)
    Best Music in a Feature for The Culpable (Verfehlung)
    (Festival International du Film d'Aubagne 2016)
    Best Music in a Feature for Meanwhile in Mamelodi
    (Festival International du Film d'Aubagne 2013)