• 02 Feb 2021

    Veins of the World - Oscar Entry!

    "Veins of the World" / "Adern der Welt" is Mongolia's official entry for The Academy's 2021 Oscar for Best International Feature. Score by myself & Jan Miserre featuring soloists from the Mongolian group Sedaa to be released soon...

    Read more on hollywoodreporter.com

    30 Jan 2021

    Oil Drum Recording

    Working on a new project with Nicolas Steiner (Above And Below). I love my Oil Drum for these kinds of special percussive sounds! Thanks to Phillip Sollmann @efdemin for the video.

    05 Jan 2021

    Camille Awards Press Release

    Great to see the Camille Awards nominations go public this week! I'm up for the 'Best Electro-Acoustic Soundtrack' for Systemsprenger.

    20 Dec 2020

    Masterclass on System Crasher Score

    Today the master class on my System Crasher score with Prof. Karim Sebastian Elias goes online on ZDFkultur and also vierundzwanzig.de

    Many thanks to Karim for his great analysis of the score and a relaxed talk, as well as the whole team from the Deutsche Filmakademie for putting this together!

    11 Dec 2020

    Camille Awards Nomination!

I'm touched to have been nominated for best electro-acoustic score in next year's The Camille Awards - European Film Composer Awards, for my work on System Crasher. It's an honour to be up for this award alongside some amazing other composers!


    10 Dec 2020


    It was an honour to be part of this year’s European Film Awards Excellence Awards Jury and to watch and discuss so many incredible films!

    It was a wonderful and enriching experience. My sincere thanks to my fellow jury members, Marta Billingsley, Rein Kotov, Catherine Marchand, Jonathan Morris, Anne Cathrine Sauerberg, Andraž Sedmak and Sylvia Steinbrecht-Aleix, and of course thanks to the EFA for the invitation.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Matteo Cocco for Hidden Away

    Maria Fantastica Valmori for ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH

    Cristina Casali for The Personal History of David Copperfield

    Ursula Patzak for HIDDEN AWAY

    Yolanda Piña, Félix Terrero & Nacho Diaz for THE ENDLESS TRENCH

    Dascha Dauenhauer for Berlin Alexanderplatz 2020

    Yolande Decarsin for LITTLE GIRL

    Iñaki Madariaga for THE PLATFORM

    01 Dec 2020

    Old Devil's Hill


Here's a live take of 'Old Devil's Hill' played through a Fender guitar amp in our lovely reverberant hallway!

    Premiere via Side Note SL / Sweat Lodge Agency - taken from the 'Eigenlicht' LP on Counterchange - video captured by Ed aka Inland

    25 Nov 2020

    Eigentlicht - Video

    Big big thanks to Niklas Zidarov for his amazing visual response to my track 'Eigenlicht' - the full video came out a few days ago via Fact Magazine

    The 'Eigenlicht' LP is out now on Counterchange on 12'' vinyl and digital. Really enjoyed working on this project with Inland - a process many years in the making!

    16 Nov 2020


    Video premiere for our new Field Kit single on Nonostar, today at 14:00! Video by LA Orbit (Lorea Arcelus)

    16 Oct 2020


    Looking forward to the theatrical release of KIDS RUN on November 26th. Watch out for the soundtrack, coming soon!

    KIDS RUN had its World Premiere at the Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival

    13 Oct 2020

    Eigenlicht - Out Now

    Very happy to say my 'Eigenlicht' LP is out now on 12'' and Digital via Counterchange Recordings. This is 'Old Devil's Hill' taken from my recording sessions at Berlin's Teufelsberg, alongside excerpts from the documentary 'Sonor'.

    Big thanks to Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter, Roy Imer and RAUMZEITFILM for the use of their beautiful visuals, Tobias Ober at Bonello Tonstudio & Konzerte for his Mastering and to Inland aka Ed at Counterchange.

    Order a copy or download here: counterchange.bandcamp.com

    01 Oct 2020

    John & Jan at Soundtrack Zurich

    The last few days and up until tomorrow, John and Jan are part of the 1st edition of Soundtrack_Zurich, a workshop and film music conference taking place during the Zurich Film Festival 2020 (24.09 – 04.10.2020).

    «Among the more than 50 professional speakers of this edition, we can find names such as: songwriter Ray Parker Jr. (composer of the GHOSTBUSTERS theme song, who will present the documentary “Who You Gonna Call?” about his life), director Rolf Lyssy (Zurich Film Festival «Career Achievement Award» winner), Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck, and composers John Gürtler, Dascha Dauenhauer, Olivia Pedroli, Tina Pepper, Matteo Pagamici, Jan Miserre, and Marco Biscarini just to mention a few.»
    You can read more here!

    25 Sep 2020

    Recording Session @ Church Barsikow

    Recording organ / soprano / violin with Ozgur Akgul / Kirche Barsikow

    04 Sep 2020

    Eigenlicht - Vinyl Release

    Very happy to announce a new solo record that will be released through counterchange recordings on vinyl + digital on October 9th. We’ve been planning this for quite a while and it feels great to finally get it out there. 

Many thanks to Roy Imer Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter for contributing to the artwork!

    Label: Counterchange, Pre-Order link: counterchange.bandcamp.com

    01 May 2020


    New Work with Amy Koppelmann and Maven Pictures on "A Mouthful of Air", starring Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carter, Finn Wittrock and Paul Giamatti!

    We're in the final stages of producing the score and even though the release will have to wait a little longer under the current circumstances, we are very much looking forward to the premiere of this film !

    Read about it here:


    24 Apr 2020


    What a night! SYSTEMSPRENGER wins 8 (sic!) awards at the German Film Awards, most notably "Best Director", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Feature Film". We are completely thrilled!!

    For all those who didn't make it to the cinema on time, the film is now available on Netflix and of course on Bluray / DVD.

    11 Mar 2020

    Nominations @ German Film Award 2020

    WOW! SYSTEMSPRENGER is nominated for best film music! ! !

    .. and for the best sound (Corinna Zink, Jonathan Schorr, Dominik Leube, Oscar Stiebitz, Gregor Bonse) !!! Still can't belive we've received a total of 10 nominations (Best Director, Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Film Music, Best Sound Design, Best Female Lead, 2x Best Female Support, Best Male Lead) and are very much looking forward to the award ceremony on April 24th!

    06 Mar 2020

    Space Dogs nominated at DOK.FEST Munich

    Oh my Dog ! Wonderful news - SPACE DOGS score by John Gürtler & Jan Miserre is shortlisted for the German documentary score award @ DOK.FEST MUNICH 2020. We feel truly honored once more!

    Watch the trailer here:

    UPDATE: For obvious reasons, SPACE DOG'S cinema release will be postponed to a later date - we will keep you posted!

    21 Feb 2020

    Berlinale 2020!

    We are excited to be back at the Berlinale with two films this year!

    Kids Run directed by Barbara Ott produced by Flare Film will open this year's edition of Perspektive Deutsches Kino.

    We're proud to present this score which we've produced together with Droopy Goldberg and Ninja Tune artist Infinite Livez.

    These are the show times:

    Fri 21.02.
    Eröffnung Perspektive Deutsches Kino

    Sat 22.02.
    Colosseum 1

    Sun 23.02.
    CinemaxX 1

    Mon 24.02.
    Cubix 5

    Thu 27.02.
    JVA Plötzensee

    On Sunday, there's the world premiere of Veins of the World directed by Byambasuren Davaa produced by Basis Berlin.,in der in this years Generation section

    We were very happy to have the Mongolian group Sedaa and cellist Boram Lie at our studio for this particular production!

    Sun 23.02.
    Zoo Palast 1

    Mon 24.02.
    Cubix 8

    Tue 25.02.

    Thu 27.02.
    Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

    We'd love to see you there!
    Soundtrack releases for both films scheduled for March - we will be sure to put out the info once it's time.

    10 Dec 2019

    10 European Talents to Watch

    Today, Hollywood Reporter was so kind as to include me in their list of "10 European Talents to Watch".

    «The U.K.-born composer — of Portuguese and German parentage — has steadfastly avoided conventional sounds and approaches in his work, combining electronic with orchestral music and finding ways to unify a film's score, sound and source music. Nowhere is that more evident than in his European Film Award-winning score to System Crasher, where Gurtler's jittery, high-octane, seemingly impulsive sound perfectly translates the inner fury of the lead character — 9-year-old tomboy Benni (Helena Zengel).»

    08 Dec 2019


    What an overwhelming weekend at this year's EFA awards 🍸🍹🍾💥🤯🤯

    Your amazing feedback and enthusiasm has made us set up a little campaign to press one hundred pink vinyl of the System Crasher score!

    To make this happen - order now: https://www.qrates.com/projects/19489-system-crasher-original-score

    Once we have one hundred or more backers, the record will be pressed and sent to you!

    07 Dec 2019

    EFA reception at Rotes Rathaus

    What an honor to receive the award for European Original Score! Thank you for a kind and inspiring evening hosted by Wim Wenders and Agnieszka Holland. Looking forward to to the ceremony tonight!


    Impressions from tonight's gala evening.

    06 Dec 2019

    System Crasher Album Release

    I'm very proud to announce the System Crasher Orignal Score is finally available on bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. I want to thank all the amazing friends and musicians involved in this project - I couldn't have done it without you.

    Jan Miserre - piano, production
    John Schröder - drums
    Andi Haberl - drums
    Schulz & Söhne ( Daniel Eichholz, Tomas Svensson, Heinrich Schiffers) - scrap percussion
    FAR ( Patrik Skog ) - additional programming
    Tobias Ober (Bonello Studio Berlin)

    Get the album here on distrokid.com!

    28 Nov 2019

    Interview with Blickpunkt Film

    German filmmaker magazine Blickpunkt Film has interviewed John about the process of working with Nora Fingscheidt for her film SYSTEM CRASHER and collaborations with other filmmakers. John is set to receive the "European Original Score 2019" award by the European Film Academy in December.

    Read the interview here (German language) - meanwhile, you can hopefully still catch SYSTEM CRASHER in your local cinema!

    25 Nov 2019

    System Crasher - Album Sneak Peek

    First track from the upcoming System Crasher soundtrack. Available digitally on itunes, spotify etc. from Friday, the 6th of December!

    Recently, John was also interviewed about the process of writing the music for Nora Fingscheidt's debut feature - just as news was revealed that he was set to receive "European Original Score 2019" at the European Film Awards this December - you can read the interview here.

    25 Nov 2019

    Charité - Season 2 Score now available

    Our soundtrack „Charité Season 2“ is available to listen now on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and basically everywhere! ✌🏻🥁🏥

    Charité - Season 2
    directed by Anno Saul
    performed by Oriel Quartet
    recorded at Bonello Studio / Tobias Ober

    20 Nov 2019

    Buy Space Dogs on Vinyl now!

    You can now buy the limited 12" vinyl edition of our SPACE DOGS soundtrack here!
    Directors Elsa Kremser & Levin Peter are currently touring the world with their genre-bending film and are taking the album along with them wherever they go - we're proud to have been a part of this - and we're looking forward to the next destinations.

    You can order your copy of the album on the official website.

    19 Nov 2019


    I am absolutely overwhelmed! It is an incredible honor that my music for System Crasher will receive the award for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE 2019 at the European Film Awards.

    The jury states:

    «The music in SYSTEM CRASHER is modern, virtuosic, impulsive and surprising. John Gürtler has transformed the unspeakable into music. Where words are no longer possible, his film music manages to function as a non-verbal language, reflecting the inside of the protagonist and carrying the viewer along with it.»
    Many thanks to the wonderful Nora Fingscheidt and the entire System Crasher team for making this movie happen as well as to the the jury for honoring a different approach to film scoring.

    21 Aug 2019

    SYSTEM CRASHER goes to LA!

    Huge news. We've been looking forward to this - today, German Films announced their decision to submit Nora Fingscheidt's SYSTEM CRASHER as the German contender for next year's Academy Awards ! We couldn't be more excited about this - and we're thrilled to see what the future holds for us all. Watch the SYSTEM CRASHER trailer here:

    And do see it on the big screen if you get the chance!

    20 Aug 2019

    Space Dogs Review Roundup

    The first reviews from Locarno are in!

    «Space Dogs is undoubtedly a total work of art - a foreshadowing of a near future in which man is no longer the center of the world, but rather a species among many others. Must-See!»
    Joachim Kurz | KINO-ZEIT (DE)

    «Undoubtedly the most exciting film in Locarno: A philosophical, deep film that does what cinema has to do: showing unseen images.»
    Rüdiger Suchsland | DEUTSCHLANDFUNK (DE)

    «As crazy as poetic - this is an incredible experience and probably unforgettable. This is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this Locarno Festival.»
    Nicolas Bardot | LE POLYESTER (FR)

    «An enlightening cinematic essay that overtopped the Locarno competition 'Cineasti del presente'.»

    «A radical and rigorous film - without doubt one of the documentaries of the year.»
    Allesandro Stellino | FILMIDEE (IT)

    «It’s like a dog version of Grizzly Man. Brutal but also deeply sensitive – a complex work that got under my skin.»
    Jessica Green | FILM COMMENT PODCAST (US)

    «The film succeeds in the miracle of creating a cosmic feeling in which we are all united, men and animals - a remarkable film about life taken from an angle never seen before.»
    Francesco Boille | INTERNAZIONALE (IT)

    «Space Dogs is the scariest film of the year. Like a real fairy tale this film makes your mind wander.»
    Martha Balaga | CINEUROPA

    «One of the most bizarre documentaries ever made!»
    Redmond Bacon | DMOVIES (UK)

    «"DoP Yunus Roy Imer did a great job - Space Dogs is simply sensational."»
    Irene Genhart | FILMDIENST

    «The invocation of the heroic past of Laika elevates the scraggy strays of the present in a tender light.»
    Dominik Kamalzadeh | DER STANDARD

    «Space Dogs is one of those boundary objects that confront the viewer not only with animals but also the human costs of progress and civilization, it makes us think about society – the one we have and the one we are. Nobody leaves this movie unchanged.»
    Jorge Mourinha | PUBLICO (PT)

    «An exploration of the Russian present from the perspective of a dog - a very touching, disturbing and unusual documentary.»
    Marion Brasch | RADIO EINS

    «A reflection on human and animal consciousness, and on the relationship of exploitation and love between the human species and other animal species.»
    Giampiero Raganelli | QUINLAN (IT)

    «Like Disney’s ‘The Incredible Journey’, if it had been directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.»
    John Bleasdale | CINEVUE (UK)

    «Like in a brutal gangster movie, one is led through the streets of the Russian capital, like through an urban jungle. The film leaves a known horizon and dives into philosophical and political questions of absolute importance.»
    Antonio D'Onofrio | SENTIERI SELVAGGI (IT)

    Watch the trailer here!

    15 Aug 2019


    We're very proud to have released our Score for SPACE DOGS on Vinyl in collabration with Raumzeitfilm! Listen here for a sneak peak of the album:

    You can order the album here!

    31 Jul 2019

    Emmy nomination for The Cleaners

    The good news won't stop. Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block's film THE CLEANERS (gebrueder beetz filmproduktion) is nominated for this year's News & Documentary Emmy Award! In their first feature-length documentary, the two director's explore the darker aspects of social media and the powerful corporations behind them - detailing how fake news are created and what mechanisms decide about what gets deleted or not.

    September 24th will see the jury's decision in New York. Fingers crossed for us all!

    30 Jul 2019

    Space Dogs @ Locarno

    Elsa Kremser and Levin Peters' SPACE DOGS - for which we, of course, provided the score - will have its WORLD PREMIERE at the 72nd LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL - as part of the 'Cineasti del presente' section which focuses on young & innovative cinema.


    August 9th, 2019 at 18.30 / PalaCinema 1 (World Premiere)
    August 10th, 2019 at 14.00 / L’altra Sala
    August 11th, 2019 at 21.00 / PalaCinema 2

    More info here. Now come see it on the big screen with us...

    07 Jul 2019

    Award Season for System Crasher

    The festival summer takes SYSTEM CRASHER on a journey across the world: Finland, Portugal, Taiwan, Serbia, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Poland and Ostfrisland! We're back with wonderful feedback and overwhelming awards

    Creative Energy Award (Nora Fingscheidt & Helena Zengel) & DBG Fimpreis des Publikums Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney
    Golden Lynx FEST - New Directors New Films Festival
    Grand Prize & Taiwan Critics Society Award 台北電影節 Taipei Film Festival
    Best Feature Film Vukovar Film Festival
    Grand Jury Prize & Special Mention Helena Zengel Drugi Sombor Film Fest
    Transatlantyk Distribution Award from the audience Transatlantyk Festival

    Also, SYSTEM CRASHER has been nominated for the LUX Film Preis of the European Parliament! Thank you for the honour! Our journey continues to Mexico, Israel and again Poland...

    SYSTEM CRASHER will start its theater run on July 19th 2019 - if you get the chance, come see us on the big screen.

    15 May 2019

    charite season 2 now streaming on netflix

    The whole second season of Charité is now available on Netflix for all to see. We hope you enjoy it!

    07 May 2019


    We're thrilled - together with Dominik Leube, Oscar Stiebitz, Corinna Zink & Jonathan Schorr - to have received the AWARD FOR BEST SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC of the Filmkunst Festival MV for SYSTEM CRASHER yesterday!

    The Prize is awarded by Studio Mitte, Filmpostproduktion Berlin with support of Seinberg Creative First. It's been a real ride with you guys.

    19 Feb 2019

    Charité - Season 2 - Release

    For today's release of Charité - Season 2 we have a little video for you - courtesy of the Stuprich brothers.

    18 Feb 2019

    Silver Bear for System Crasher!

    © kineo / Weydemann Bros. / Yunus Roy Imer

    I still cannot believe the week we had - and we are incredibly grateful that Nora Fingscheidt's Systemsprenger (system crasher) won this award! Thanks to the brilliant and warm hearted team, but also to all the wonderful musicians who performed on this score who I want to mention here.

    Andi Haberl and John Schröder for their wild and driving drums, Daniel Eichholz, Tomas Svensson and Heinrich Schiffers of Schulz und Söhne, Jan Miserre on piano and glockenspiel, Patrik Skoog aka FAR and Tobias von Bonello.

    Also thanks for your support and skill Dominik Leube, Oskar Stiebitz and Gregor Bonse for your sound design and mix work! It's been a pleasure and a trip! Looking forward to releasing a soundtrack later this year...

    19 Jan 2019

    Charité - Season 2

    It's a wrap! We've been working long and hard on our first series project, Charité Season 2, directed by Anno Saul, produced by UFA/MDR/ARD. For this one we added composer and violinist Hannah von Hübbenet to the team, and wrote, recorded and produced approximately 180 minutes (sic!) of chamber music score with the Oriel quartet and many more soloists in the big room at Tobi Obers Bonello studios. Our warmest thanks goes out to Anno Saul for trusting and supporting us all along the way, the whole post production team and all the wonderful musicians involved.

    The Oriel Quartet at work.

    Available online in the ARD mediathek from the 12th of February, TV premiere on the 19th of February at 8:15 pm - also looking forward to the international Netflix release and putting together the soundtrack!

    We will of course update with more when we can.

    17 Jan 2019


    After Sundance 2018 and so many festivals, sreenings and awards with so much positive feedback, "THE CLEANERS" has been nominated for the GRIMME PREIS, the DEUTSCHEN FERNSEHPREIS and the CINEMA FOR PEACE Award. WOW! What a great honor!

    10 Jan 2019

    Systemsprenger @ Berlinale

    We have absolutely wonderful news - Systemsprenger / System Crasher by long time collaborator Nora Fingscheidt has been invited to the Berlinale Competition!

    John Gürtler has created a wild(ly) emotional score and apart from recording an endless amount of instruments and machines himself, he has collaborated with wonderful musicians including Berlin free/experimental multi-instrumentalist John Schröder, drummer Andi Haberl (Andromeda Express Orchestra, The Notwist), the live techno trash group Schulz & Söhne and many more. More news to come soon, now back to work !

    © kineo / Weydemann Bros. / Yunus Roy Imer

    19 Nov 2018

    FIG TREE wins 2 Awards at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival

    After its success at TIFF, "FIG TREE" wins the BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Awards at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. We congratulate the filmmakers! 

    17 Sep 2018

    Audentia Award for Best Female Director for "Fig Tree"

    We're proud to announce that Aäläm-Wärqe Davidian wins the Audentia Award for Best Female Director at TIFF for "Fig Tree".

    The jury, which included TIFF Director of Programming Kerri Craddock, noted that “Fig Tree” “is a stunning and illuminating film.” They continued, “Based on Davidian’s own experiences, the director takes us on an unsentimental journey and shows us the tragic effects of civil war on ordinary people. This is a confident director, who tells a solid story with grit and compassion; a story about a multi-layered African character trying to be her own woman. The film is about empowerment and it is beautifully rendered by a perfect young cast.”

    The film was produced by Black Sheep Films and Penrose Films.

    The soundtrack by John Gürtler & Jan Miserre, which includes recordings with traditional Ethiopian washint and masinko players, recorded in Tel Aviv by Jan Miserre, is now available on iTunesand Spotify.

    16 Mar 2018

    Nominated for German Documentary Music Award!

    We're beyond thrilled: PARADOX PARADISE, we think this means us, has been nominated once more for the German Documentary Music Award - for our score of the surveillance-thriller doc THE CLEANERS. We're already looking forward to the Award ceremony!

    The album is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes.

    30 Jan 2018

    John Gürtler in the Max Ophüls Jury 2018

    Had an amazing time at Max Ophüls Preis in this years documentary Jury with Gerd Haag and Regina Schilling.. Congratulations to best documentary “Global Family” by Andreas Köhler und Melanie Andernach and best documentary score “Germania” by Matthias Lindermayr (music) and Lion Bischof (Director).

    See all winners here:


    19 Jan 2018

    The Cleaners @ Sundance!

    Excited to announce: "THE CLEANERS" by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewick premiers at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL tonight! Music by Yours Truly, in illustrious company at this year's Sundance Composer's spotlight...


    The Soundtrack for the film is now available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp as well!

    10 Nov 2017

    Liebling lass die Hühner frei

    Liebling, lass die Hühner frei by Oliver Schmitz:

    Our whacky Nino Rota-inspired score will be screened this Friday on ARD, 8:15 p.m.! Heaps of mandolin and banjo on this one..

    05 Nov 2017

    Cameras start rolling for "Systemsprenger"

    Today, cameras started rolling for Nora Fingscheidt's new feature film Systemsprenger - we are looking forward to an exciting new project with her and are busily producing some tracks already - to be used for the shoot.

    "Systemsprenger" will be shot in and around Berlin from now until March 2018, for a total of 60 shooting days. Director of Photography will be Yunus Roy Imer. The film is produced by kineo Filmproduktion, Weydemann Bros. GmbH in Co-Prodcktion with Oma Inge Film in collaboration with ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel. Port au Prince Pictures will be bringing the film to German cinemas.

    24 Oct 2017

    Truth Detectives @ Hofer Filmtage!

    Anja Reiß' terrific documentary Truth Detectives premiered at Hofer Filmtage today!

    Read about the film here: http://hofer-filmtage.com/festivalfilme/truth-detectives/

    20 Oct 2017

    Album Production for The Baseballs

    Already in the summer, Paradox Paradise produced the album "The Sun Sessions" by The Baseballs. For recording the album, we flew to Memphis/Tennessee and worked in the legendary Sun Studio where our very own Lars Voges was also playing the guitar.

    For post-production, we went back home to Berlin and our own studio - and we were very lucky to be able to recruit Christoph Beyerlein for mixing & mastering!

    19 Sep 2017

    First Steps Award for WITHOUT THIS WORLD!

    Yesterday night, Nora Fingscheidt's film WITHOUT THIS WORLD (music by John Gürtler & Natalie Sandtorv) took home the BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE AWARD at the First-Steps-Awards 2017 in Berlin. We feel honored and, of course, are extremely happy with the Jury's decision once more!

    Should you be in German territory, you can also now watch the film here at ZDF Mediathek until the end of this week.

    07 Aug 2017

    Plötzlich ist die Welt ganz klein

    We are glad to see so many viewers having watched the documentary PLÖTZLICH IST DIE WELT GANZ KLEIN (directed by Maja Classen) on its German TV premiere in May as well as in the ZDF-Mediathek! For anyone currently in Germany, there's of course still a chance to see the film - until November 30th 2017 - right here in the ZDF MEDIATHEK.

    Here's the film's trailer:

    Plötzlich ist die Welt ganz klein TRAILER from Paradox Paradise on Vimeo.

    01 Aug 2017

    ‘Song of a Toad’ Qualifies for Oscar Consideration!

    As Hollywood Reporter writes today, Kariem Saleh's animation short SONG OF A TOAD (for which of course we have written the score) now may qualifiy for the big one: an Academy Award.

    « Kariem Saleh, a graduate of Germany's Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg who now works at Berlin-based Rise Visual Effects Studios, has found himself in an unexpected position: that of a potential Oscar contender. Saleh directed the inventive animated short Song of a Toad, which was honored as Best of Show this week at CG confab SIGGRAPH's prestigious computer animation festival. With that recognition, Song of the Toad now qualifies for Oscar consideration in the best animated short competition. »
    We are very proud! Watch a MAKING OF for Kariem's film below:

    18 Jul 2017

    PreCrime at Filmfest Hamburg!

    We're proud to announce that Matthias Heeder's and Monika Hielscher's doc-thriller PRE-CRIME has been selected for the official competition at this year's 25th anniversary edition of FILMFEST HAMBURG!

    «“A story more chilling than anything Tom Cruise has starred in if only because it’s real.” - Salon»
    The 25th FILMFEST HAMBURG will take place from October 5th to October 14th in Hamburg's cinema venues Abaton, Passage, CinemaxX Dammtor, Metropolis and Studio Kino. The complete program will be revealed on September 19th, ticket sales will start two days after that on September 21st.

    «„Welcome to the Minority Report.“ - realscreen»

    24 May 2017

    Paradox Paradise in DOK.Fest Munich Magazine

    Recently we had the pleasure to be visited by Julia Teichmann, writer for the DOK.fest Munich. She came to meet us in our Berlin studio, and the resulting article became a feature in the recent edition of the DOK.fest Munich magazine which is available to download from here. For our English-speaking visitors, there's a translation of the article below:

    Air Conditioning and nightingales - sounds from outer and inner spaces

    text by Julia Teichmann

    Sounds and music can be equally important - this is true especially for documentary film. The musical artists of Paradox Paradise work with both: sound turns into music, and instruments imitate the sound of reality. Images, sounds and harmonies blend together in a sort of synaesthetic masterpiece. In the last few years, DOK.fest has awarded John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges with the award for Best Music in a Documentary as well as with a delevopment award for music composition. I met with them in their studio, where sounds are created before they become films.

    It’s raining outside. We can hear the rain as if it was inside the old man’s room. The old man looks out of the window and remembers the past. His grandson has asked him to. Already before we hear his questions, we can hear the rumbling of a freight train. This sound turns into a sweeping tapestry of breathing organ bass and airy strings, culminating in the sounds of a wintery storm. “What have you seen?”, Levin Peter asks his grandfather, who was a soldier in WW2 in the Eastern-Ukrainian city of Mariupol. (BEYOND THE SNOWSTORM, DOK.fest Munich 2016)

    John Gürtler has composed the score that accompanies and underlines Levin Peter’s captivating search for the past. Together with Jan Miserre and Lars Voges, Gürtler forms the film-music collective Paradox Paradise. Sometimes they split projects between themselves, sometimes they work together, for fiction films as well as for documentaries. With the latter, Gürtler says, “there’s more opportunity to experiment”, the work “is much more intimate” : “with fiction films”, he says, “there’s always many more people involved. But we always support each other with ideas.”

    Exploring Worlds In-Between

    There’s ample space for contemplation and ideas in their Berlin studio, with almost any instrument you could think of. The three multi-instrumentalists come here every day and, theoretically, they’re always ready for production: “It’s important to touch it, to experiment with your instruments”. Together, the three of them cover basically the whole range of instruments: Miserre is the man for all manners of keyboards and drums, Voges’ strengths are string instruments, guitars and vocals, while Gürtler originally played the saxophone, but also plays woodwinds and keyboard instruments and sings - “I do a little bit of everything.” But Gürtler is quick to point out that they aim for something else than just the use of classical instruments. Often, they prepare their tools in special ways, “exploring worlds in-between”

    But those worlds in-between are not the starting point of a project. In the beginning, there is the director’s vision - if and when Gürtler, Miserre and Voges are involved in the project early on. This is what they prefer. “If filmmakers come to us too late into a project, it’s hard to find the necessary creative space, to respond to the film’s themes emotionally and intuitively” says Gürtler. In some cases, the films are edited with the help of temp-tracks, which imposes a huge limitation on their work as composers: all too often, composers are asked to emulate the sound of somebody else’s music. “What we want is filmmakers using our music to edit their films”. Adds Miserre: “With three-week-deadlines, you end up working for the lowest common denominator. This is not what we want. We don’t want the obvious choices - we want to surprise ourselves and everybody else.”

    Sparks turn into music

    Just as they did when they worked with director Nicolas Steiner on his documentary triptychon ABOVE AND BELOW (DOK.fest 2015), a film that focuses on people’s lives on the margins of society. The process took almost two years. Steiner, who himself had to choose between a career as musician or as a filmmaker, “always encouraged us to try out new things, he involved us very early on by showing us pictures, talking to us” says Gürtler. This is why, for example, the film’s cinematographer was able to listen to the film’s early score while shooting - and he could choose his movements accordingly. For the song used in the credits, it took two years to grow. Not a commissioned piece, but an emotional song that stands for itself. “All the good pieces” adds Miserre “are created without intention”. This resulted in the Best Music for a Documentary Award in 2015 - and a film where images, sounds and music intertwine in a hymnical, spherical, atmospherical way. Flying sparks turn into music. Cars driving over a manhole cover - a sound heard multiple times during the film that became part of the score.

    A dog’s perception

    The sounds that are recorded on location play a very big part for the trio. With their concept for the film STRAY DOGS (again directed by Levin Peter), Paradox Paradise have won the development award for music composition at DOK.fest 2016. Following the trail of space-dog Laika, who was sent to space as the first living being and met her death there, the film is about the dogs that roam the streets of Moscow.

    They work closely together with the film’s sound designer, Jonathan Schorr. Schorr installed self-designed little microphones on train tracks or walks around with special mics that only record sounds with very high frequencies. The goal is to “approach a dog’s hearing, a dog’s whole perception of the world” says Gürtler. The musicians translate the existing sounds of the Moscow environments into instrumental sounds, like the rhythm and melody of machines, like that of an old air conditioner. The same is done with the song of a nightingale, emulated with the help of a synthesiser. “Our music”, says Voges, “aims to get very close to what was available on location.” The trio take those disparate elements - like the nightingale, the barking of the dogs, the 80ies-music coming from a pub close by - and transform them into a “musical tour-de-force.”

    What are they afraid of? Mediocrity, they answer. They’re not afraid of pathos or kitsch - that can be very important, sys Miserre. “You can hear that when you listen to the TWIN PEAKS score.” he says. This is why they approach each film project differently, to “not repeat ourselves, not to get bored with your own methods.” When I ask for their musical idols, they name great classics: Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and Bernard Herrmann (although their music differs quite substantially). All three of them were “daring composers”, says Voges, “who understood film music as its own medium.” Composers who had turned away from classical orchestrations, who dared to use fresh instruments and, adds Miserre, “they’re composers whose style can be recognised from a mile away”.

    And when, at the end of a project, a deadline draws near, “things can get a little rough between us”, says Miserre. But all of them are in it with their hearts. And they rely on each other: all three of them have family. Gürtler teaches at the Filmakademie BW in Ludwigsburg, where he also studied. Miserre and Voges are part of other musical projects as well, both of them go on the road regularly. Miserre, for example, tours with Till Brönner, Voges plays together with various “Blues Veterans”. Plus, he has his own Blues Band: The Love Gloves.

    At the end of a composition, it’s all about “clearing the slate”. Kill your darlings, they say. In this, but not only this, Gürtler values a certain minimalism: “You need to get a break once in a while.” And one of his central questions, it appears, is one of the worlds in-between, the musical gaps, as it were. “How do you approach silence?”

    23 May 2017

    Above & Below in Hamburg

    Yesterday evening, our very own John Gürtler presented the film ABOVE & BELOW together with director Nicolas Steiner at the dokART Filmabend in Hamburg.

    «Above and Below“ shows survival artists from the edges of society: Rick and Cindy in the sewers of Las Vegas, Dave in a derelict bunker, April on her mission to Mars in the deserts of Utah. The film's dramaturgical structure owes its success largely to the music - which was already being composed during pre-production so it could already be used while filming the documentary piece. The result is an impressive poetry of images and sound that earned a justified award at dokFest munich with the Award for Best Music in a Documentary. In 2016, „Above and Below“ received the award for Best Documentary at the German Film Awards. Today's screening is the film's first public screening in Hamburg!»
    Watch the trailer for ABOVE & BELOW:

    25 Apr 2017

    Without this world @ Achtung Berlin

    Today and tomorrow, you have chance of seeing Nora Fingscheidt's documentary WITHOUT THIS WORLD at ACHTUNG BERLIN Film Festival at the Babylon in Berlin.

    «Argentina, 2016: in a remote desert 700 Mennonites of German origin live a life like in the 18th century – without electricity, music, or any of the amenities modern life offers Internet, phones or music is forbidden and the bible is the only book allowed in school. But is it really conceivable to reject modernity altogether? Without This World draws a portrait of a tranquil, contemplative society caught between tradition and change. »

    See the film today at 5 pm in Babylon 1 and at 10pm tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th, in Babylon 2.

    10 Apr 2017

    Score for Pre-Crime finished!

    After an intense 4 weeks - we just completed the score to Pre-Crime. Looking forward to the premiere in Toronto as part of hotdocs film festival on April 29th and May 1st.

    21 Mar 2017

    Theatrical Release for House without Roof

    We're thrilled to announce the theatrical release date of Soleen Yusef's HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF! The film will hit German theatres on August 31, 2017 and is being distributed by MissingFilms. The premiere will be held in Berlin.

    In addition to this, the film will also be part of two festivals in Berlin, namely the Arab Film Festival (April 2nd and April 4th) as well as the Kurdish Film Festival Berlin that takes places June 15th to 21st.

    08 Mar 2017


    Today, the eight winners of this year's Grimme Award (a prestigious television award, sort of like the German Emmy) were announced, and lo and behold, our very own DOG SOLDIERS (directed by Lena Leonhardt) is among them!

    The jury was so kind as to put their opinion in writing, roughly translated here:

    «"Dog Soldiers" is intelligent, delightful television that offers its own interpretations of what we see without ever dictating its opinion to the audience. Also for director Lena Leonhardt, the dog is a useful device: she uses the dogs to get an inside look at their masters, and into the German army for that matter. We were deeply impressed by the facility of storytelling with which she achieves this. This award is given out in the sincere hope that Leonhardt's diploma film will be followed by many more works in the same melancholic but witty tone. »
    Needless to say, we are very proud to be part of this with our score which (we like to think) might have been a contributing factor in this decision. The award ceremony will be held in Marl on March 31st. We are looking forward to seeing the champagne flow.

    Watch the trailer for DOG SOLDIERS here:

    22 Feb 2017

    Eisen wins Short Film Award in Valencia

    EISEN ("Iron") wins the short film award at Humans Fest. Festival Internacional Cine y Derechos Humanos Valencia! As director Benjamin Kahlmeyer puts it: "What a beautifully named award, too: PALMERÉS DE LA SECCIÓN OFICIAL CORTOMETRAJES SOBRE DERECHO A ASILO Y PERSONAS REFUGIADAS."

    28 Jan 2017

    Without this World wins Best Documentary!

    Nora Fingscheidt's documentary WITHOUT THIS WORLD (music by John Gürtler & Natalie Sandtorv) won the "Best Documentary Award" tonight at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls-Preis in Saarbrücken. The film, a portrait of a community of Mennonites living in the Argentinian desert, held its German premiere at the renowned festival earlier this week.

    Extract from the jury decision:

    «This year's winner of the Best Documentary Award goes all around the globe to eventually depict, a way, our own world, in the here and now. Facing a current Zeitgeist that all too often contains a longing to days long gone, this film is as current and relevant as any, without ever being journalistic. Stylistically sure-handed and with moving clarity, the film takes us on a journey into an archaic past and resists the temptation to lose itself in its strong imagery. The film quite remarkably manages to get up close to a community that lives in their own world entirely - almost without this world.»

    24 Jan 2017

    WITHOUT THIS WORLD Premiere @ Max Ophüls

    We're thrilled to have been a part of Nora Fingscheidt's film WITHOUT THIS WORLD. The film will have its German premiere tonight at the Filmfestvial Max Ophüls-Preis in Saarbrücken in attendance of the director. The music for the film was recorded and conceived together with Norwegian experimental singer Natalie Sandtorv.

    18 Jan 2017

    Dog Soldiers nominated for Grimme Award!

    This just in: Lena Leonhardt's SWR-produced documentary "Dog Soldiers" (music by Paradox Paradise, of course) was nominated for the prestigious Grimme Award 2017 today. In fact, this is the most prestigious TV award in Germany. We're more than thrilled, it is needless to say.

    Winning productions will be announced on March 31st, in Marl near Essen. Fingers crossed!

    12 Jan 2017

    Beyond the Snowstorm News

    "Beyond the Snowstorm" (directed by Levin Peter) was just nominated for "Best Cinema documentary film of the year 2016" by the Association of German Film Critics (VDF). The Awards will be announced on Monday, February 13th 2017, with the nominees in attendance.

    This award, the "Preis der deutschen Filmkritik" exists for more than 60 years now and is the only German film award to be given out by a jury that consists entirely of film critics. The award is not bound by any economic, regional or political criteria, but rather by artistic considerations only.

    The music for the film was composed and produced by us, of course - obviously we'll keep our fingers crossed for the next coming weeks!

    The 92 minutes documentary film about director Levin Peter's relationship to his grandfather, who was a soldier of the Wehrmacht stationed in the Ukraine in WW2, has had a promising festival career since its World premiere at the Max Ophüls Preis in 2016. Not only did the film win the First Steps Award for Upcoming talent in Germany and was subsequently part of the "Perspective German Cinema" at the 66th Berlinale last year - the film was also screened publicly at selected German cinemas. "Beyond the Snowstorm" was also part of Dok.Fest Munich in 2016 and at the Haifa International Film Festival. You can read more about it here!

    15 Dec 2016

    Recording finished for new documentary project

    John Gürtler and Philip Sollmann have just finished recording for the 80-minute documentary "PLÖTZLICH IST DIE WELT GANZ KLEIN" by director Maja Classen. The German title would rougly translate as "SUDDENLY, THE WORLD GROWS SMALL" and follows the heart-wrenching stories of three different couples and their children inside a neonatal station.

    Of course, we'll post updates as soon as the film is finished and the music becomes available.

    14 Nov 2016

    German TV premiere for ABOVE & BELOW

    Tonight at 10:25 pm, German TV channel 3Sat will host the TV premiere of Nicolas Steiner's film ABOVE AND BELOW. Don't miss it!

    The soundtrack for ABOVE AND BELOW was written and produced by PARADOX PARADISE and has received the GERMAN DOCUMENTARY MUSIC AWARD 2015. You can read more about the film here:www.aboveandbelowfilm.com

    12 Nov 2016

    Gegen die Zeit (SKY WALKING) - Release

    Proud to announce the vinyl release of John's & Philip's new project "Gegen die Zeit" on Sky Walking'scompilation today.

    «Jazz influences can be heard both in the fully improvised, cartoon-like piece by Sky Walking themselves and the filmic quality of Philipp Sollman’s and John Gürtler’s collaboration in “Gegen die Zeit”»

    02 Nov 2016

    Dog Soldiers @ DokLeipzig

    This afternoon, Lena Leonhardt's film Dog Soldiers, to which we contributed a jazzy, percussion-heavy soundtrack, will have its World Premiere at the 59th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary und Animation, maybe better known by the slightly shorter moniker "DokLeipzig". You can find additional info about the film here!

    03 Oct 2016

    Music for funk.net

    In cooperation with Benjamin Kahlmeyer and Hyperbole TV we've composed the music for Season 1 of the new web series "Germania" that is now available on funk.net, the recently launched content network of German TV channels ARD & ZDF.

    «By turns serious and funny, Germania casts a weekly look on Germany: on the people that were born here. Immigrants who have arrived in Germany long ago reveal their observations on German idiosyncracies and quirks. »
    Also, our music from Benjamin Kahlmeyer's Film "Between Rounds" has been re-licensed for usage in another funk.net series named "Touretikette". Check it out here.

    20 Sep 2016

    "House without roof" wins First Steps Award!

    "House without Roof" (directed by Soleen Yusef) was just awarded the "First Steps Award" for Best Picture! Raise the roof, Soleen!

    The score for the film was composed and produced by Paradox Paradise, and was recorded by John, Jan and Lars together with Högir Göregen (percussion), Matti Makali (Hang drum), Apo Yildiz (Saz, Bilur) and Tomas Svensson (drums).

    06 Sep 2016

    Haus ohne Dach @ Montreal

    "Haus ohne Dach" gewinnt den Special Grand Prix of the Jury auf dem 40. Festival des Film du Monde in Montréal / 40th Montréal World Film Festival. Wir sind so stolz, glücklich und geehrt!

    01 Jul 2016

    New German Cinema Talent Award for House Without Roof

    The New German Cinema Talent Award was awarded tonight in Munich - and "House without Roof" (Directed by Soleen Yusef) was awarded the New German Cinema Talent Award for Best Production (Jana Raschke and Igor Dovgal)! A prize money of 20,000€ is attached. Congratulations to you both!

    "House without Roof" is a production by von mîtosfilm (Jana Raschke and Mehmet Aktaş) in co-prodution with Essence Film (Igor Dovgal), SWR and Arte. The film was supported by the Kurdish Cultural Ministry, the Duhok Cinema Department and the MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

    01 Jun 2016

    German Film Award for Above and Below!

    Congratulation to director Nicolas Steiner, to cinematographer Markus Nestroy , to the producers Helge Albers, Cornelia Seitler and Brigitte Hofer and of course to the whole film crew involved into the making of ABOVE AND BELOW for winning the GERMAN FILM AWARD 2016 in the categories BEST DOCUMENTARY and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY!

    We are very proud to be part of this wonderful project!

    The soundtrack for ABOVE AND BELOW was written and produced by PARADOX PARADISE and has received the GERMAN DOCUMENTARY MUSIC AWARD 2015.

    Read more about the film here:

    17 May 2016

    ABOVE & BELOW in Berlin

    For those of you who didn't have the chance to see ABOVE AND BELOW... This Sunday, May 22nd, there'll be a special screening of ABOVE AND BELOW in preparation to the LOLA Awards 2016. Producer Helge Albers and us from PARADOX PARADISE will be present! Admission is free for members of the Deutsche Filmakademie, but all other guests are of course welcome as well!


    17 May 2016

    Lars recording for THE BASEBALLS

    Recording guitars at PARADOX PARADISE for the album of the BASEBALLS (www.thebaseballs.com) to be released later this year...

    07 May 2016


    Today, PARADOX PARADISE, together with directors Levin Peter and Elsa Kremser, won the KOMPOSITIONSFÖRDERPREIS at Dokfest Munich which was given out for the first time. The award money of 5,000€ will go towards music composition of the documentary essay film STRAY DOGS (Raumzeitfilm Vienna, in development). The award is funded by the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung. We are absolutely thrilled and look forward to composing the music for the film!

    15 Apr 2016

    Lola nomination for Above and Below!

    Today, ABOVE AND BELOW was nominated for the 2016 LOLA AWARDS for BEST DOCUMENTARY and BEST CINEMATOGRPHY. We're thrilled and look forward to the award ceremony on May 27th!

    In addition, we came across this review of the film by Shane Slater / awardscircuit.com:
    «…..Markus Nestroy’s cinematography is certainly eye-catching, especially when focused on April’s exploits. The wide shots employed here capture the stark beauty of the barren landscape, easily conceivable as the playground for a grand space opera. In addition, the original music by Paradox Paradise is perfectly attuned to the dynamic tone of the film. The wide-ranging compositions convey the punk rock rebel attitude as well as the more bluesy melancholic moments, and even some esoteric electronica to reflect the characters’ alternative lifestyles……»
    You can read the whole review here.

    31 Mar 2016

    Swiss Film Award for Above and Below!

    There's just no stopping him: Nicolas Steiner's ABOVE AND BELOW (for which we wrote & produced the music) wins "Best Documentary" at the Swiss Film Awards, as well as the award for Best Editing (Kaya Inan). Also, the jury awarded the film an honorary award for "Best Sound Mix" (Jaques Kieffer)

    23 Mar 2016

    John in the Jury

    Today is the jury session for the Deutscher Dokumentarfilmmusikpreis 2016, and our very own John Gürtler is among the jury members this year.

    The jury from left to right:

    Dr. Bernd Werfelmayer
    Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
    Maike Conway
    Filmmaker CORINNES GEHEIMNIS (2015)

    John Gürtler
    Paradox Paradise Composer/Musician, Winner 2015

    Annette Josef
    Artistic Director Münchner Symphoniker

    Dr. Paul Hertel

    17 Mar 2016

    Verfehlung @ Aubagne

    VERFEHLUNG by Gerd Schneider has been nominated for BEST FEATURE FILM and BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC on this year's Festival International du Film D'Aubagne. We're hoping for the best!

    To the festival's homepage

    09 Feb 2016


    Above and Below is now on the Short List for the German Film Awards 2016 and will be screened on February 2nd in the „Market“ category of the Berlinale. People with an Accreditation and Members of the German Film Academy are invited to come to the screening! There will be drinking afterwards.

    For everyone else who couldn't see the film yet: Above and Below will be launching in German and Austrian cinemas on February 25, 2016!

    06 Feb 2016

    "What Love is" @ Radio Eins

    Today you can listen to our song „What Love Is“ on German radio channel Radio Eins as part of "Kino King Knut Elstermann"'s show, who'll be discussing the film Party of Eight with Director Kolya Reichart and Matthias Lier. You can listen to the song here:

    05 Feb 2016

    Party of Eight in Cinemas today

    Today Party of Eight, directed by John Kolya Reichert will launch in German cinemas!

    «Anton invites everyone to his party, but does not show up himself. In a remote mansion hounse, somewhere in Brandenburg, a troubled family gathers to celebrate Antons' birthday, but will find themselves entangled in the bitter conflicts of their past in a most entertaining way. Stuck in futile waiting, some truths are finally uttered. Director John Kolya Reichert evokes a relentless performance from his enthuasistic cast (Matthias Lier and Brigitte Böttrich as a dominant mother, among others). A chaotic party that is thrilling to watch (from a distance).»

    And here's the (new!) official trailer:

    21 Jan 2016

    Wintergast in Cinemas today!

    After its theatrical release in Switzerland, Wintergast is now coming to cinemas in Germany.

    «The trip becomes an inward journey. "Wintergast" is a wonderful road movie.» (...) «The Film is also a testament to young Swiss cinema, which is progressively making its comeback to the silver screen.»

    – Patrick Wellinski, Deutschlandradio Kultur


    20 Jan 2016

    "Sprockhövel" in German Television

    We look forward to SPROCKHÖVEL, MEINE ANDERE HEIMAT, a two-part documentary by Susanne Jäger and Elmar Szücs with music by John Gürtler being shown on WDR television next week!

    Sprockhövel, meine andere Heimat
    Part 1: Monday, January 25th | 22:10 - 22:40
    Teil 2: Monday, February 1st | 22:10 - 22:40
    WDR Television

    WDR has a page on the programme here.

    15 Jan 2016

    ABOVE AND BELOW Release Dates

    The theatrical release dates of Nicolas Steiner's documentary ABOVE AND BELOW (music by us, of course) have been announced today.

    The film will launch on February 25th in Germany and in Switzerland. Austria will follow on April 15, and the film will launch on April 15 in the United States.

    Official Website

    10 Jan 2016

    ABOVE & BELOW 2015

    A lot has happened since ABOVE & BELOW'S Festival Premiere at Rotterdam, exactly one year ago. Here's a selection of the Awards & Nominations:

    Stuttgart, Baden-Württembergische Filmschau
    Bester Dokumentarfilm 2015

    München, DOK.fest München
    German Documentary Film Award 2015

    Nominated for the Swiss Film Awards 2016
    Best Documentarybr> Best Editing (Kaya Inan)

    Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich, Zürcher Filmpreis 2015

    Milano, Milano Film Festival
    Students Award (Docucity/UNIMI Award for the Best Documentary on the city) 2015

    Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples «ânûû-rû âboro»
    Grand Prix du Festival Meilleur long métrage 2015
    Prix du Jeune Public 2015

    St. Petersburg
    Message to Man International Film Festival, FIPRESCI Award 2015

    Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Millenium Award 2015

    01 Nov 2015

    Golden Dove for the film "Eisen"!

    The experimental documentary "Eisen" by Benjamin Kahlmeyer with Original music by John Gürtler wins the Golden Dove at Dokfest Leipzig!

    Here's the Jury Statement:

    «'Eisen' are the only syllables the refugees are able to pronounce in the name of the city of Eisenhüttenstadt. The life in the first-stop processing point for asylum seekers is sketched out with a few sentences and pictures. The scenes turn into a kind of a round dance outlining a room, in which one can sense the still unspeakable and the still invisible that accompanies, and hassles, those shown in the film.»

    22 Sep 2015

    Oscar Selection & two Awards for Memories on Stone

    Last week MEMORIES ON STONE premiered in Kurdistan Regional Government at the 3rd Duhok International Film Festival. Shawkat Amin Korki won the "Best Kurdish Director" award. The film also won the Duhok City Award for "Best Feature Lenght Film filmed in Bahdinan Region". MEMORIES ON STONE will be released in Kurdistan Regional Government cinemas starting on the 24th of September!

    In other news, the film was also selected as Iraq's official oscar entry in the category "Best Foreign Language Film".

    15 Sep 2015

    Deutscher Filmmusikpreis 2015

    For the second time now, the International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. (IAMA) will, together with DEFKOM (The German Film Composers Union), award the best national Film Composers in the categories Best Original Soundtrack, Best Song in a Film, Young Composers and Honourary Awards. Nominated in the category BEST SONG IN A FILM is Paradox Paradise's song "Would you want to know" from ABOVE AND BELOW (D: Nicolas Steiner) The award ceremony will take place October 9th, 2015 in the Steintor-Varieté, Halle (Saale). Stay tuned!

    The soundtrack for ABOVE AND BELOW on iTunes.

    09 Sep 2015


    "nebel" is nominated for the FÖRDERPREIS FÜR FILMKUNST - the award ceremony is on September 18th 2015 at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin. We are very happy! «Together with the Preis der Nationalgalerie, the Förderpreis für Filmkunst has been awarded in cooperation with the German Film Academy since 2011. This honour is aimed at filmmakers who touch but do not cross the boundaries of art using experimental film.»

    01 Sep 2015


    WINTERGAST is part of the "Sélection" for the Bern Film Award 2015. The winner will be announced at award ceremony on the first of November in the Kino Rex in Bern. Read more on bernerfilmpreisfestival.ch

    27 Aug 2015


    BEYOND THE SNOWSTORM (original soundtrack by Paradox Paradise) is nominated for the FIRST STEPS Award in the Documentary category! The awards ceremony will be held on September 14th at the Stage Theater, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Stay tuned!

    23 Aug 2015


    We are looking forward to the Berlin premiere of THE INVISBLES this week, as part of the terrific dokfilmwoche regularly organized by the fsk Kino!

    - Saturday, August 29, 8 p.m. // fsk Kino
    - Sunday, August 30, 2 p.m. // Sputnik Kino

    11 Aug 2015

    Wintergast @ 68° Festival del film Locarno

    01 Aug 2015

    Film music work starts for HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF

    We have just begun work on Soleen Yusef's feature film HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF.

    HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF tells the story of the three siblings ALAN, JAN, and LIYA which were born in Iraqi Kurdistan but grew up in Germany. The three want to fulfil their mother's last wish and burry her in their home village next to their father who died in war. During this fraught Kurdish odyssey they are not only confronted by their big Kurdish family which doesn't accept their mother's wish but also by themselves. During the last years the distance between the family members has increased, each lives his own life and when they talk to each other it soon becomes dominated by mutual accusations. At the same time, a terrible conflict is rising in their home country and first noone recognizes the dimensions of this conflict.

    24 Jul 2015

    ABOVE AND BELOW @ Karlovy Vary

    «The sense enhancing identity of "ABOVE AND BELOW" is also aided by its meticulous audio work and music soundtrack, that allow the viewer a meditative connection with the film.» - Variety Critics Choice review

    26 Jun 2015

    Oscilloscope Buys ABOVE AND BELOW

    We are very happy to announce today that Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired U.S. rights to “Above and Below,” the debut film from Swiss director Nicolas Steiner. Paradox Paradise has composed and recorded the music for the film, which held its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and subsequently started its North American tour at Hot Docs in April.

    Read more on Variety.com
    ABOVE AND BELOW on iTunes.

    26 Jun 2015


    John Gürtler and Nicolas Steiner will be at FILMTONART at filmfest Munich today at 5.30 p.m. talking about the work on the score of ABOVE AND BELOW.

    30 May 2015

    Variety on ABOVE AND BELOW

    Peter Debruge of Variety reviews Nicolas Steiner's documentary ABOVE AND BELOW (music by Paradox Paradise):

    «A festival treasure that treats its subjects with a dignity that transcends judgment and a poetic sensibility that ranks it among the year’s most remarkable cinematic discoveries.»

    Read the full review here.

    17 May 2015

    Above and Below wins the Millenium Award 2015

    The main award of the 12th Docs Against Gravity Festival in Warsaw/Wroclaw/Bydgoszcz - Poland, goes to ABOVE AND BELOW.

    More info here!

    10 May 2015

    German Documentary Film Music Prize!

    The jury’s statement on the awarding of the 2015 German Documentary Film Prize to Paradox Paradise reads: “The film music of John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges is striking in its complexity and dramatic potency. The musical element develops the emotional strength that arises from the narrative and creates discrete dramatic structures that don’t just support the narrative but produce their own narration. In its own way, the work plays on American musical traditions and breathes new life into them. It is versatile, innovative and modern and impressively produced without being ostentatious.”


    13 Apr 2015


    Paradox Paradise wins the German Documentary Music Prize 2015 for best film music and score in Above and Below! Composer John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges from Paradox Paradise will receive the prize on the 9th of may at the Dok-fest Munich after a special Screening of ABOVE AND BELOW
    - - - - -

    Deutscher Dokumentarfilmmusikpreis 2015 geht an das Berliner Komponistenkollektiv PARADOX PARADISE für die Musik zum Film ABOVE AND BELOW. Die Verleihung mit Screening findet am 09. Mai 20.00 Uhr in der Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in München statt.

    Jurybegründung: "Die Filmmusik von John Gürtler, Jan Miserre und Lars Voges überrascht durch ihre Vielschichtigkeit und ihre dramaturgische Stärke. Die musikalische Ebene entfaltet die in der Erzählung angelegte emotionale Kraft und schafft eigenständige dramaturgische Strukturen, die die Erzählung nicht nur unterstützen, sondern Narration erzeugen. Die Arbeit spielt auf eigenständige Weise mit amerikanischen Musiktraditionen und belebt diese neu. Sie ist vielseitig, innovativ und modern, unaufdringlich und beeindruckend produziert.“

    Nicolas Steiner, Regisseur des Films, zum Gewinn des Preises: "Ich freue mich sehr für die Jungs, für den Film, aber auch für mich persönlich als Regisseur dieses Films. Trotz großem Gegenwind und Schwierigkeiten haben wir den Glauben an den Film und vor allem die Umsetzung der Musik für den Film nie aufgegeben. Low Budget, viel Blut, Schweiss, hitzige Diskussionen unter massivem Zeitdruck aber vor allem das Talent dieser drei Jungs führt zu dieser wohlverdienten Anerkennung für Paradox Paradise. Ich bin sehr glücklich und stolz. Ein Dankeschön an die Jury und den Verband, der den Preis überhaupt ermöglicht."


    13 Mar 2015

    The Invibles wins "Citizen's Award"!

    "The Invisibles" (directed by Benjamin Kahlmeyer) today won the "Citizen's Award" (Bürgerpreis) of the Nonfiktionale Bad Aibling. Congratulations, Benjamin!

    09 Mar 2015


    At Belgrade International Film Festival (FEST 2015) ZERRUMPELT HERZ (THE COUNCIL OF BIRDS) wins »Best Director« as well as a Special Jury Award for Roland Stuprich's cinematography.

    19 Jan 2015

    Paradox Paradise @ Max Ophüls!

    We are happy to announce three premieres at this years Max-Ophüls film festival!

    VERFEHLUNG / (THE CULPABLE) by Gerd Schneider will be shown in the competition for best feature.

    Screening dates and summary can be viewed here.

    DIE UNSICHTBAREN/ (THE INVISIBLES) by Benjamin Kahlmeyer will be shown in the competetion for best documentary.

    Screening dates and summary can be viewed here. 

    ABOVE AND BELOW by Nicolas Steiner will also be shown in the competetion for best documentary!

    Screening dates and summary can be viewed here.

    15 Jan 2015


    Final mix of Andreas Herzog's and Matthias Günther's feature WINTERGAST at Rotorfilm, Babelsberg. Thank you for the great sound Gregor Bonse, Tobias Koch and Jascha Dormann!

    Looking forward to the premiere at Solothurner Filmtage on the 24th of January and WINTERGAST's theatrical release this autumn.


    07 Jan 2015


    Theatrical release of ASTA UPSET/ ICH WILL MICH NICHT KÜNSTLICH AUFREGEN by Max Linz - additional music by Jan Miserre

    02 Jan 2015


    Paradox Paradise records horn arrangements and piano for DJ Thomilla who's currently producing the upcoming album of The Voice of Germany 2014 winner Charly Ann Schmutzler.
    Thansk again to Florian Menzel on trumpet..

    11 Nov 2014

    Films by Knopf, Jäger & Middleton on German TV

    MAJUBS REISE by Eva Knopf was aired on 3Sat November 3rd 10:25 p.m. and is available online here!

    SCHWARZFAHREN, documentary by Susanne Jäger to be shown on WDR on November 15th, 6:20 p.m.

    DIE ZUKUNFT GEHÖRT UNS (THE FUTURE IS OURS) by Marisa Middleton will be shown on November 19th on SWR at 11:40 p.m.

    23 Oct 2014

    John wins "Best Original Song"

    Tonight, John Gürtler won "Best Original Song in A Film" at the Deutscher Filmmusikpreis 2014 with his song "What Love Is" from the film "Antons Fest (Party of Eight) by Kolya Reichert.

    The jury decision goes as follows (in German):

    »Der nominierte Song erscheint als eine Art Epilog am Ende des Filmes. Ihn zeichnet alles aus, wonach bei einer Kategorie „bester Song im Film“ gesucht werden könnte: Mit seinem ganz eigenen Tonfall hot er uns genau dort ab, wo wir als Zuschauer an dieser Stelle des Filmes stehen; er ist gut klingend und treffsicher produziert, ohne dass in diesem Fall alle Ecken und Kanten abgeschliffen worden wären; er hat das, was man Ohrwurmqualitäten nennt - und er lässt in den Film einen neuen, frischen musikalischen Wind hineinwehen, der ihn im besten Sinn bereichert.«

    ...which loosely translates to:

    «The nominated song appears at the end of the film, as an epilogue of sorts. It has everything you might look for in this category, "Best song in a film soundtrack": Its tone, its vibe hits us right where the film left us off; it sounds wonderful and it's very well produced, without ever losing its edginess. It has all the qualities of a catchy tune, enrichening the film and blowing a breath of fresh air into it.»

    20 Oct 2014

    Hofer Filmtage 2014

    Two films with our music to be shown this week at Hofer Filmtage:

    BACKPACK by Thorsten Wenning
    ZERRUMPELT HERZ by Timm Kröger

    17 Oct 2014

    „Ways over Water“ out now

    Fritz Kalkbrenners WAYS OVER WATER out today on Soul – with horn arrangements on 5 tracks by Jan, John and trumpet player Florian Menzel, who played beautifully on the Soundtrack for „Oh Boy“.

    15 Oct 2014

    Above & Below

    ABOVE & BELOW (director: Nicolas Steiner – produced by Flying Moon and Maximages) -

    After working on this massive documentary project for over a year, the date for the final mix is set – we’re very much looking forward to the finished film!

    <img src="cutenews/uploads/crew.jpg" style="margin-top:30px; width:100%; max-width: 600px;">

    14 Oct 2014

    Die Zukunft gehört uns @ IDFA 2014

    DIE ZUKUNFT GEHÖRT UNS (director: Marisa Middleton) – produced by Indi Film to be shown at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2014

    04 Oct 2014

    John nominated for German Film Music Award!

    John ist mit seinem Song "What Love Is" für den Film "Antons Fest" von John Kolya Reicharts für den FILMMUSIKPREIS "BESTER SONG IM FILM nominiert. Der Gewinner wird am 23. Oktober bekannt gegeben und im Rahmen der Filmmusiktage in Halle gewürdigt. Eine hochkarätig besetzte Jury mit den Professoren für Filmmusik Gerd Baumann und Ulrich Reuter, den bekannten Filmkomponisten Fabian Römer sowie Ralf Wengenmayr, ergänzt durch Filmmusiktage-Dirigent Prof. Bernd Ruf und deren Künstlerischen Leiter Markus Steffen wählte die 3 Besten Songs im Film aus.

    29 Sep 2014


    We're in the middle of final mixing of Gerd Schneider's feature film "Was nicht sein darf" @ Studio Mitte together with Joerg Höhne.

    16 Sep 2014

    Brüderlein & Synkope on BR

    BRÜDERLEIN and SYNKOPE (directed by Nora Fingscheidt), both scored by John and Lars will be shown on the BR on the 17.09.

    15 Sep 2014

    Backpack @ First Steps Awards

    Wir freuen uns, dass Produzent Sebastian Cordes heute in Berlin den No-Fear-Award" für die beste Produktion für den von John vertonten Film „Backpack“ (Regie: Thorsten Wenning) entgegennehmen durfte.

    25 Jun 2014


    After almost two years of hard work, Benjamin Kahlmeyers new film is about to be finished in the next couple of weeks. Watch out for DIE UNSICHTBAREN / THE INVISIBLES / LES INVISIBLES! We are happy to have composed and recorded the title track with bassist Stephan Bleier.

    - credit to Stefan Neuberger for the photography.

    23 Jun 2014

    nebel @ Locarno

    nebel will be screened at 67° Locarno Film Festival "Panorama Suisse" on August 15th. Check out the festival's website!

    06 Jun 2014

    Memories on Stone

    Memories on Stone by Shawkat Amin Korki to be screened at the 49th Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

    23 Apr 2014

    awards for nebel

    nebel wins at Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival. The first awards are for "best feature documentary" & "best cinematography". We are very, very happy!

    16 Apr 2014

    Antons Fest wins Award @ Achtung Berlin

    ANTONS FEST by John Kolya Reichart wins award by the German Federal Association of Film Journalists (VdFK) at the Achtung Berlin Festival 2014.

    09 Apr 2014


    John Gürtler & Jan Miserre are set to write the score for the feature film WAS NICHT SEIN DARF by director Gerd Schneider / Penrose film.

    25 Feb 2014


    PARADOX PARADISE to arrange and record Horn Sections for Fritz Kalkbrenners upcoming album on Suol.

    19 Feb 2014

    Berlinale 2014

    nebel by Nicole Vögele premieres at Berlinale 2014.

    21 Jan 2014


    Jan records Beethoven Sonatas for Max Linz feature & Berlinale participant ICH WILL MICH NICHT KÜNSTLICH AUFREGEN

    11 Sep 2011

    Concert / "Gegen die Zeit" (Against Time)

    There's a new project with Sollmann & Gürtler:

    You can read more here!